NRCHA Million Dollar Sires

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Nu Cash Nu Cash actually became an NRCHA Million dollar sire in 2003. Shining SparkThe NRCHA’s second Million Dollar Sire, Shining Spark, reached million dollar status in 2004.
Smart Chic Olena Smart Chic Olena also became an NRCHA Million Dollar Sire in 2004. Grays Starlight, By Peppy San Badger and out of Doc’s Starlight,
Reminic By Docs Remedy and out of Fillinic Mister Dual Pep
Smart Little Lena  VSRweb Very Smart Remedy
PeptoboonsmalwebPeptoboonsmal ChicPleasewebChic Please
smartlittlepepinic_performanceSmart Little Pepinic One Time PeptoOne Time Pepto
NicItInTheBudNic It In The Bud dual_rey_thumbDual Rey
WR This Cats SmartWR This Cats Smart RoosterGallo Del Cielo
CD LightsCD Lights
As of 6/30/2017

Sire Earnings
Shining Spark $4,036,598.71
Smart Chic Olena $3,146,660.11
One Time Pepto $2,211,405.38
Peptoboonsmal $1,888,038.64
Very Smart Remedy $1,774,054.01
Dual Rey $1,705,385.41
WR This Cats Smart $1,564,372.87
Reminic $1,425,177.70
Grays Starlight $1,419,708.16
Smart Little Pepinic $1,349,638.94
Mister Dual Pep $1,339,553.10
Nic It In The Bud $1,271,326.98
Nu Cash $1,251,369.48
Chic Please $1,244,634.76
Smart Little Lena $1,194,467.47
CD Lights $1,110,588.11
Gallo Del Cielo $1,036,425.31
Smooth As A Cat $975,809.93
CD Olena $960,661.30
Lenas Wright On $888,253.14
Tangys Classy Peppy $853,981.28
Just Plain Colonel $801,863.00

Produce earnings as of March 1, 2017