NHSRA Reined Cow Horse

High School Rodeo Reined Cow Horse – Ride safe and score on the plus side! from NRCHA Video on Vimeo.

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NHSRA Cow Horse Rules
NHSRA Cow Horse Pattern
NHSRA Cow Horse Pattern 11
NHSRA Cow Horse Pattern 12
NHSRA Rein Work Judge Card
NHSRA Cow Work Judge Card
Examples of Bits

Judges List

This is a list of NRCHA trainers who can be used as a resource to learn about the cow horse event in NHSRA. Feel free to contact them, they are ready to help! This list will continue to be updated until all states and districts are covered.

Upcoming cow horse clinics

The addition of reined cow horse as a National High School Rodeo Association event has generated tremendous new interest in the NRCHA. Let’s work together to introduce our sport to a fresh youth audience!
NRCHA members: consider organizing your own local cow horse clinic for National High School Rodeo competitors and other high school-age riders. This can be done through your NRCHA affiliate, in a small group or as an individual. Support materials are available to help you produce a free or very low-cost clinic.  Click here for NRCHYA clinic sponsorship information.
Please contact the NRCHA office at (940) 488-1500 to request the National High School Rodeo “Introduction to Reined Cow Horse” DVD and a NHSRA cow horse clinic outline.

Adding NHSRA Cow Horse to an NRCHA Sanctioned Event
To add NHSRA cow horse to an NRCHA sanctioned event, you will need approval from the NHSRA region or district (for the states that have regions or districts), the state, and the national organization. To obtain approval, contact the NHSRA secretary in your area and they will assist in filing the Activity Sheet. A list of secretaries can be found below.
How it works: A single event can be approved by multiple regions or states. For example, a show can be held in Oklahoma that has approval from the state of Oklahoma as well has Texas regions 3, 4 and 10. Competitors from those different states and regions can all earn points in their respective home state or region at that single event.

NHSRA Directors and Secretaries 2015

National High School Rodeo Association adds reined cow horse to its event lineup in 2014
Working in partnership with the National Reined Cow Horse Association, the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) has approved the addition of reined cow horse as an optional event. Reined cow horse will begin to phase in at NHSRA-sanctioned events this fall, joining the existing lineup of bareback riding, bull riding, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, and cutting for boys; and breakaway roping, barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, cutting, team roping, and the queen contest for girls.

The NHSRA board of directors approved the addition of reined cow horse at its meeting in Daniels, W. Va., in January, following a year’s worth of meetings and discussion with NRCHA leadership.

“We are happy to welcome the National Reined Cow Horse Association to the ranks of high school rodeo. While reined cow horse might not be a traditional rodeo event, we believe it fits nicely with our ultimate mission of preserving the Western heritage and providing opportunities for our youth members. There’s no doubt our members will benefit from developing the horsemanship skills necessary to compete in such an event,” said NHSRA Executive Director James Higginbotham.

Both associations acknowledge that reined cow horse will elevate the riding ability of NHSRA members who choose to learn and take part in the event.

“With the grit and skill already required of high school rodeo competitors, we expect NHSRA members to excel at reined cow horse and enjoy the new discipline. Learning our sport will enhance their their horsemanship in a way that will make them better in any judged or timed event,” said NRCHA Executive Director Jay Winborn.

As the sport catches on among NHSRA members, Winborn predicts a substantial number will cross over into the NRCHA arena.

“By introducing high school rodeo contestants to the cow horse, we will attract an influx of new youth riders who want to add NRCHA competition to their horseback activities, providing a broader client base for our trainers and an additional market for cow horses,” he said.

The NHSRA partnership also provides the NRCHA a broad new audience for its sport. Approximately 12,500 students in 41 states, five Canadian provinces and Australia hold NHSRA memberships, and the association sanctions more than 1,100 rodeos annually. The NHSRA produces the two elite youth rodeo events in the world – The National Junior High Finals Rodeo (NJHFR) and the National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR). The NHSFR is the “World’s Largest Rodeo,” featuring approximately 1,500 contestants from across the U.S., Canada and Australia.